The Creatism Academy – University


For Future Marketers

The Bridge: Moving from classroom to corporate

shapeimage_1-1The Creatism Academy conducts session in conjunction with Universities to help build a bridge between academia and on-the-job marketing practices. These sessions are interactive, informative and fun. They help prepare students to enter the workforce by explaining and clearly demonstrating the “real world” of marketing practices.

Topics covered include:

  • You Are Here. How you fit into a marketing structure. What to expect.
  • Marketing Objectives, Strategies and Tactics, and how they work within the larger business plan
  • The briefing process, and how to use it to inspire great work from partner agencies
  • Decisions: How to be prepared to make critical “yes or no” decisions regarding marketing programs
  • Insight driven strategy: Searching for Insights in a world filled with Observations
  • The World: The benefits and challenges of working in international marketing