The Creatism Academy – Extensions

These two popular programs are developed from materials used in The Creatism Academy. They are designed as single sixty-minute sessions and can be used as an introduction to planning sessions, creative stimulus or simply as a motivating break from the day-to-day. They are also available as University guest lectures.


A Spark of Inspiration

There’s nothing better than seeing a collection of marketing communications programs that inspire. This stand-alone session is for marketers and their agency partners, together. It is called The Idea Insemination. At CREATISM, we collect award-winning ideas from around the world. Then we bundle them together into a story about where commercial creativity is heading. This is not a reel of ads, but a curated mix of case studies designed to inform and inspire. This program includes a short discussion on the creative brain and the battle being waged for those brains.

It is a bit of neurology, biology and a lot of FUN!


Creatively Effective


“Sure it was creative, but did it sell”? That question is continually asked. The Case Study Collection program answers the question with a resounding “yes”. These case studies, all winners of creative awards, are examined for their effectiveness. The message is inspiring for both marketers and accountants! Creativity is a competitive differentiator, and in marketing communications it generates results.