The Creatism Academy – Corporate


For Marketing Teams & Agencies

The Creatism Academy works with corporate marketing teams and their agencies. Our emphasis in on practical, time-tested techniques and processes that can be applied in the workplace.

Corporate Workshops

The Workshop Series brings Marketing Teams and their Agencies together, to help build stronger connections within the teams, and deliver better outcomes. The workshops are completed in a half or full-day session, based on the components that make up the agenda. All of the workshops are interactive and engaging, with teams working together throughout the sessions.

The Creative Brief

shapeimage_2-1The Brief Deconstructed  A hands-on workshop, this session is all about the creative brief. The brief connects marketing objectives with those who will create MarComs to help accomplish those goals. Through a combination of examples and exercises we explore what goes into briefs that inspire great work; work that produces great results.

The Inside-Out Creative Brief  This workshop takes examples of award-winning and effective marketing communications and asks participants to identify the insight upon which the brief was based. Then they write what they believe was the Key Proposition (from the creative brief) for the work they’ve seen. The actual Key Proposition is revealed, providing an opportunity to discuss and debate the connections from insight to finished work.

Observations and Insights

Great marketing strategies often come from profound consumer insights. But as Mark Cousins said, “A real insight is usually out-of-sight”. In other words, they are difficult to spot. This session defines the difference between on observation and an insight, and challenges participants to spot that difference. The workshop uses real examples to demonstrate the value of a genuine consumer insight, and the fact that a single insight can lead to very different strategies.

From the Top 

In this workshop participants are given the task of writing a creative brief for a hypothetical project. They are supplied with the information necessary to form the foundation of the brief, and work in pairs to craft a brief that will inspire great work. The brief will be channel agnostic, rather than for a specific execution on a specific media.

Evaluating The Work – The Creative Council 

boy-collaborationThis session’s focus is on the response to the creative brief from the agency, and the reaction to the work by the marketers. Through interactive exercises, participants learn methods for evaluation, incorporating an objective view of the strategy and a subjective view of the work.

The Creative Council is a practical technique for evaluating creative, providing feedback and making decisions leading to approvals. In the workshop, a mock-council is created and creative projects are presented to the council with a variety of inputs and a variety of outcomes.

The Campaign Review; the “after action report” 

Hat-Guage-sFinally, we must ask “did it work”? This component of the Academy Workshop proposes a process for recording the results of the program following its execution. This phase is vitally important to inform the future work for future teams; to document the success and the mishaps. It is a step often missed in the frenetic pace of modern marketing departments and agencies, and yet it is one of the most valuable components of the marketing process.

All of the Creatism Academy sessions are challenging, interactive and FUN!


The Creatism Academy Extension Programs

boy-midFrom the materials used in The Creatism Academy, two stand-alone extension programs are currently available for use within corporate meetings or as guest lectures in University.

For more information, click below:

The Idea Insemination – 50 Minutes of Inspiration

The Case Study Collection – Creatively awarded, and measurably effective.