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The topics listed here are examples of  presentations that are currently available. All are tailored for the specific situation and audience.


Looking Forward by Looking Back

Preparing for the next 20 years.

Spending over thirty years in marketing provides valuable experience; both successes and missteps. All can be beneficial in charting a course forward. The Twenty/Twenty Keynote is not a reference to eyesight, nor a look ahead to the year 2020. First, it is first a review the past twenty years and the enormous changes that have taken place in that time; beyond technology changes to the behaviour changes that are having a large impact in the world.

Then Joe looks forward to 2036 and proposes the fundamentals that will survive and those that will be forgotten. In preparing this speech, Joe said, “I asked myself, ‘what do I wish I had known then that I know now?’; and ‘from that, what do I believe will be valuable in twenty years time’?”.

This is a new topic, which will challenge conventional thinking, and provoke the audience to look forward through a new lens.

1. Business owners, managers, executives and marketers
2. Retail businesses and Franchise organisations
3. Business services; accounting, distribution, law, real estate, IT



The McDonald’s “i’m lovin’ it” Story

How to rejuvenate a brand and energise customers, employees and shareholders.

In 2003 McDonald’s had reached an unprecedented low in its fifty-year history. Customers were complaining that the brand had failed to ‘grow up’ with them. They found the menu, facilities and advertising to be out-of-step with their lives. Simply put, McDonald’s had lost brand relevance.  And as a result, sales plateaued, customer numbers were decreasing and the company announced a quarterly loss for the first time in its history. Wall Street had driven the share price to less than $10.00.

This is the behind-the-scenes story of McDonald’s first global advertising campaign, and the remarkable rebirth of a fifty year old brand.

1. Business owners, managers, executives and marketers
2. Retail businesses and Franchise organisations.
3. Business services; accounting, distribution, law, realestate, IT.

Joe Talcott served as McDonald’s Global Marketing and Creative Director and led the development, production and launch of the brand’s first global marketing campaign, “i’m lovin’ it”. 


Don’t Blink!

The Changes that are Changing Our Lives

How to make sense of the digital revolution and use that understanding to build your business.

We are living in the midst of one of the biggest changes in human communications since the invention of the printing press. And whilst technology has enabled that change, it is the change in human behaviour that is affecting our lives. Understanding that fundamental change will help businesses be more effective in finding and keeping customers.

This presentation looks at similar “world-changing” events in history, and uses those to help plot a course through this time of rapid change.

1. Business owners, managers and executives
2. Professionals; accountants, doctors, lawyers
3. Any business or service provider affected by the “digital revolution” (almost everyone)

Joe Talcott leads Creatism and helps businesses use creativity for better business results.


The Fall, Rise and Future Fall of Social Media

How to better understand the way people use social networks and how that can help you build your business, and help you avoid disasters.

What will become of Facebook and other social media? History provides some insights that should not be ignored. Social networks are not new. And social media has had its ups and downs over the years, long before the digital revolution. Knowing what happened in the past can help marketers make better decisions on how to use social media effectively. Even knowing the difference between “social network” and “social media” can be extremely beneficial.

1. Retail businesses and Franchise organisations
2. Advertising and Marketing industry professionals

Joe Talcott was responsible for digital development and strategy while Group Marketing Director at NewsCorp Australia.


The Battle for Your Creative Brain

How to win the battle for your creative brain and start benefitting from the ideas that you will create.

There is a battle being waged for your creative brain. It is a fierce, personal and high-stakes battle.

And most people are losing that battle. This presentation helps define an ‘idea’ and describes the science behind creative thinking. More importantly, it identifies a missing ingredient that can help foster creative thought and the resulting valuable ideas that come from that process.

1. Business executives
2. Professionals

Joe Talcott leads Creatism and helps businesses use creativity for better business results.


The Atomisation of Marketing

The big changes taking place as audiences, agencies, media channels and marketing departments are dividing into smaller and smaller pieces.

Modern marketing began when the industrial revolution made the supply of products greater than the demand. The printing press opened mass audiences to marketers eager to win customers to their business and products. Over the next 200 years audiences and businesses have grown.

Today, however, they are being pulled apart. The Internet has allowed messages to be delivered to individuals. . . . with messages tailored just for them. But there are unforeseen implications. And there are opportunities for those willing to pull things back together.

Audiences:  Marketing, Advertising and Media professionals

Joe Talcott leads Creatism and helps businesses use creativity for better business results.