Connecting BAD

We are now connected to each other in unprecedented ways. These connections can be used to cause damage as I suggested a few days ago in regards to the nefarious actions of those who stole credit card information from Target.

But there is another side. Earlier this week, while in Chicago, I got out of a taxi at a rental car office. When chicago-in-winterinside I realised that I had left my wallet in the taxi that had just driven away. It contained my Drivers Licence, credit cards and cash. Unable to get a rental car or another taxi without these things I walked back to my hotel on a VERY cold day imagining what could be happening with my cards and identity. fat_wallet1 2

A few hours later an email arrived from Min Ro, the Executive Assistant to Lawyer Tom Zimmerman. She informed me that Tom had found my wallet and was holding it for me at his office!

“How did you find me?”, I asked. “I found you on LinkedIN”, she said.

So yes, there are people who will take advantage of technology to do nasty things. But there are many more who will use these tools to make life better.

Thank you Tom. Thank you Min.